Opinion: Masks Aren’t About Safety, They’re About Compliance. Also, Comply with the Demands of the Secret Police and You Won’t Get Hurt

As we all sit under the house arrest installed by fascist Democratic governors nationwide, it has become the mark of the patriot to refrain from wearing this idiotic mandatory muzzle. After all, this whole “wear a mask” thing has never been about safety. It’s about big government trying to creep into our lives and force us into submission. Also, if the secret police come and pick you up off of the street, just comply with their demands and you won’t get hurt.

After all, the masks that all these sheeple wear don’t even stop the Coronavirus! And it restricts your oxygen levels so that all you can breathe is your own Carbon Dioxide. They’re doing this to sedate the population and get us to accept this fascist nightmare reality where I can’t go to Shake Shack. Sure I can get it to go, but then I don’t get the free refills. This country was built on free refills! Also, the secret police are driving unmarked rental vans and not identifying themselves before they kidnap their suspects, so to avoid racking up a felony charge, it’s probably best to comply with any masked stranger that pulls you off the street.

There’s no way the government could force me to wear a mask, and if the secret police that have been patrolling American cities try to enforce any sort of mask wearing policy on me and my friends and family, then we may have a real issue on our hands, partner.