About FactsAreFiction.com


If you’re here, you probably have a lot of questions. Well, so do we. At FactsAreFiction.com, we pride ourselves on our questions.

For over 50 years, FactsAreFiction.com has asked the hard questions that the mass media doesn’t dare publish. Many mass media institutions (including every outlet that is not FactsAreFiction.com) currently display an embarrassing over-reliance on hard numbers and factual data to support their claims.

FactsAreFiction.com rejects the idea that facts must be the supporting pillar upon which a society can be governed. Our audience craves news with a perspective that matches their own, and FactsAreFiction.com gives them that perspective.

Wait, what is this?


No, really. Is this a news site?


Is any of this stuff true?

At FactsAreFiction.com, we support every viewpoint that we can. This may or may not include several viewpoints that are not what you would call “factual.”

So you just print lies?

We prefer the term alt-factual.

And you can just print alt-factual information online like this?

Yes. It is startlingly easy.

What’s the point of all of this?

Look, we just want to make money by publishing things on the internet.

You’re making money off of this?

Oh, ho. Lots.

This is starting to make sense.

I hope it is.